Our Objectivesadvancedministrytraining

To train and ordain spiritual leaders within the five-fold ministry

Regional and National Level

To continuously enhance the effectiveness of ordained spiritual leaders

To facilitate the mobilization of appropriately identified alumni for specific, local and national projects.

Five-Fold Ministry Training

Training believers in the ministry of helps to serve in the local church

The programme will provide a platform for ordination

Curriculum is divided into teaching and practical training


1. Church Administration
2. Five Fold Ministry
3. Hermeneutics
4. Homiletics
5. The Minister and the Family
6. Problem Solving in the Corinthian Church
7. Counselling
8. Pastor
9. Ministerial Ethics
10. Church Planting
11. Fulfulling your Call and Vision

The fourth year programme is a school of ministry in which we focus on five fold ministry training.  

Upon successful completion the Degree will be certified and issued by the USA - Heritage of Faith Bible Institute

Forth Year Curriculum - School of Ministry [Bible School]

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