Pastor Lynn Fulford

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We would like to take this opportunity to encouraged believers to study the word of God
There are numerous reasons why believers should invest time and energy to gain a deeper understanding of their potential in Christ.
To facilitate this process we have created an avenue where believers at all levels of their walk with God can maximise their contribution to the wider body of Christ.
The Heritage of Faith Bible Institute offers several years of investment into the life of a believer that cannot be measured in human terms. The rewards are a life changing spiritual experience that will constantly offer harvests of personal enrichment. 
We at HFBI are constantly undergoing a metamorphosis of enlightenment and are striving to minister in excellence.
To this end our faculty, administrators and curriculum developers are at your disposal
As custodians of this prevailing endeavour to touch, teach, train and transfer believers to be the best they can be for God and His Kingdom, we need to be aware not to alow this important facet of ministry to be taken for granted.
Should you need to grow and develop in the word, please pray that the Holy Spirit would open a door for you to study at HFBI.
Our earnest pray is that all believers would come to the knowledge and revelation of the truth in every sphere of life.

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