Bible Institute

Bible Institute (3)

  • We offer a part-time program allowing students to be dedicated to the family as well as their place of work, at the same time dedicating themselves to a meaningful study of Word of God.
  • The program is supported and recognised by Jerry Savelle Ministries International with Dr Jerry Savelle as the Chancellor of Heritage of Faith Bible Institute.
  • We believe, through the prayerfully selected course material, that the Spirit of Christ is imparted to the students.
  • Each Bible Institute is planted into a local church enabling believers to attend part time Bible classes while still enjoying participation in their local church body and community

Do you have a Bible School?

Heritage of Faith Bible Institute is designed to fit right into your local church. You can start a Bible School right now.

Programs available

We provide you with fully developed programs, student and lecturer manuals and DVD’s. Years of research and ministerial experience have gone into these program.

  • Basic Bible Training [1st year]
  • Advanced Bible Training [2nd year]
  • Personal Leadership Training [3rd year]
  • Advanced Ministry Training [4th year]
  • Specialised Ministry Training [5th year]
  • Senior Mentor in Ministry [6th year]


Heritage Institute of Commerce

For believers desiring to apply their faith and beliefs in their vocational lives we have Heritage Institute of Commerce

  • Leadership Academy
  • Business Foundation
  • Business Leadership

Study to show yourself approved unto God,rightly dividing the Word of Truth 

Empower with the Word

National and International Campuses
Over 3000 Students Graduated
10 years of Serving Local Churches
Affordable Tuition Fees


 The Bible School can be started any where in the world, we currently have active campuses in the United States of America, Botswana, Canada, South Afirca, Zambia. 

Starter Pack - to start your own Bible Institute or Campus

The forms below are for used to apply to become with Heritage of Faith Bible Institute


Welcome Letter

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Application Form

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Pastor’s Recommendation Form

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Personal Reference Form

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Rules of Engagement;

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Heritage of Faith Bible Institute in South Africa offers you the student
practical, relevant and affordable Bible education to live in a real world
of challenge to morality and values that are meaningful to the average citizen
of our beautiful land.
Practical, because our study portfolio commences with a first year of 
Basic Bible Training that is based on a sound foundation of a life in faith.
The second year advances into a further level of faith in relationships within
the church and the family.